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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year in review

2009 was a good year amidst the poor economy. My bonsais were able to really flourish under my vigilance this year. In comparison 2008 was not a good year for my bonsais. Although I looked after them, working shift work was not conducive to good growth.

Spring started out with the re-potting of "Lazy". This tree is finally becoming something from its humble beginnings. One of my favourites and a prime example of a good feeding regimen. It has really filled out nicely during the vegetative season and will see some minor tweaking in the spring.

"Lazy" circa June 2009

May came along and I finally found a decent Picea Pungens "Montgomery" (Blue Spruce), which received an initial styling and was planted out in a screen sided container. I should have read up on spruces.Although the right time of the year in my neighbourhood, it was the wrong time to work on spruces. A valuable lesson learned. The tree suffered from severe die back, which constitutes a complete re-style. Spruces should be worked on in August I came to find out later. Depending on what can be salvaged, this tree may be planted out for 3-5 years.

After initial styling circa May 2009

This lilac was obtained the spring of 2007. Not knowing much about them I was cautious in the beginning. The are prolific growers and will give 2-3 flushes in a vegetative season. I prune them early spring prior to bud break and once again in June. The remainder of the growing season is just branch re-directing with either guy wires or hard wire. This tree has filled out nicely this year and internode length has been drastically reduced. This tree need new shoes come spring.

The tree after trimming for a second flush
circa June 2009

This Cotoneaster was finally removed from her training pot and potted up in this gorgeous cobalt blue pot. Being a var. Coral Beauty this pot fits her like a glove in all seasons. This tree was part of my soil experiment of 2006

Circa June '09.

"Duggy" was finally ready for a new shallower pot.
Photo circa July 2009

This Acer Palmetum "Bloodgood" was acquired in June '07. This was one of three maples that were acquired for a steal. All had suffered significant damage during the winter of 2006-07. We aren't sure what happened that winter as several enthusiasts, including nurseries loss trees. This particular one was destined for the landscape but somehow the top portion got broken off making it totally useless for the landscape.

Placed in a screen sided container to help the
formation of fine feeder roots. Circa June 2009.
Come spring this tree will see a drastic reduction
after first flush.

My sixth Hinoki Chamaecyparis Obtusa "Kosteri" acquired in 2007 and undergoing training and a feeding regimen in a growing box while working on a problematic root, was finally potted up.

Circa August 2009

Late summer I finally managed to get my hands on a Pinus Sylvestries "Globosa Veridis" (Dwarf Scots Pine). It was in the sale pile at the local nursery as one side was almost totally dead due to lack of light, outside of that the tree was extremely healthy. It was taken home all unnecessary and dead branches removed and left to recuperate. The tree has done well including some new buds.

Circa August 2009

Possible Futures

This one shows the first section of
trunkline similar to what I have,
just vision it with the second photo's top.

Rhododendrom Impenditum "Mauve" This is one that I nearly lost the winter of 2007. It is once again showing promise and should flower next spring. This variety lends itself well for bonsai with it's very small flowers and leaves. The tree is only 3-4 inches high.

Photo circa '09.

Juniperus Chinensis "Blaauw". The tree was acquired in May of 2006 as a lop sided bush. Under my aggressive feeding regimen it is coming along nicely but has a long way to go. My 2008 schedule was extremely hard on this tree.

Photo circa Sep 2009. This was the first
major styling since acquisition

What did I learn in 2009. That Bonsai truely prosper from daily interaction and care.


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