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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer summation

Well summer has been good to me. I have accomplished many things this season in comparison with last summer.

Only 3 acquisitions this year. A Hinoki a Blue Spruce and a Scots Pine. I find myself acquiring less and less each year, and focus my energy on present stock.

A tabulation of this vegetative season as seen the purchase of Hinoki V, another Gracilis that was quite a find. Even in it's early stages it is going to be a credible bonsai in a few years.

My Kosteri has finally received its first pot. The foliage on this one is proven to be quite a challenge. Now that I have it in a proper bonsai pot, growth should stabilize, and I should be able to tame it. It is been developed as a slanting tree and the branches are finally coming into the proper plane. Although the trunk had some movement, it still very much appeared too straight, that is why you can still see the bending appendage attached in the photos.

The Mhugo that was acquired in '07 has also received it's first pot and styling this summer. This tree is not seen on the site. It is not ready to be seen publicly. I am following some expert advice with regards to August re-pottings of Mhugo versus traditional spring. I don't remember the details only that the success rates are greater in August, especially when serious root work needs to be carried out. This tree is now recovering in a semi-shaded location. So far there seems to be no indication of problems, but time will tell and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

The Blue Spruce was acquired in early spring and an initial styling was carried out. I come to find out Picea is another species that prefer to be potted and worked on in August. Some serious die back has occured in one area, that is going to require an almost complete re-style.

My Acer was dug up and placed in a screen sided container. I am glad this was carried out this summer. The tree is coming along nicely but the roots require attention. The tree when acquired late in '07 was planted out and the roots were no thouroughly examined. The roots were growing on 3 different planes. One plane has been reduced this summer with the remainder in subsequent re-pottings.

The Dwarf Rhodie that suffered winter damage in '07 has recovered and we should se it bloom next spring.

Several Cotoneasters are finally coming in to their own as well as my burning bush. The Lilac is in it's 3rd season and after comprehending its intricacies should prosper in upcoming years.

August is also the month where I start my fall feeding regime.

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