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Friday, February 1, 2008

What's that smell?

Well... I believe it is spring! To date winter as been fair in our neck of the woods, but it isn't over yet, February is usually a pretty bad "winter month" here in the Maritimes. But, spring is about 6 weeks away and I am looking forward to it.

Although, winter is a good time to catch up on other bonsai related activities, it is also a time to worry. Last year several Canadians lost many trees to the wrath of Mother Nature and Father Winter. February in the Maritimes can be a funny month. I remember one year my Quince was pushing flower buds by mid-month. She rolled over and went back to sleep, after shutting the alarm off and greeted us come spring with some gorgeous crimson blooms.

Last year, the same Quince suffered die back in the cold frame, along with an Alberta Spruce, a dwarf Rhododendron, my "twisty baby", Chinese Elm and Amur Maple. They all eventually budded out and survived but not without extensive damage and years of development lost to Mother Nature. Hopefully they will fair out better this year. To date knock on wood, they seem to all be doing fine.

What occurred last year was not isolated to fellow enthusiasts, but extended to nurseries as well. I questioned the owners as to plausible causes and all they could do was shrug and state, things happen. Having said that, it did lead me to acquire 3 Acers of various cultivars for a fraction of the cost.

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